Why Parkinson’s Diva? By Maria De Leon

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The term “DIVA” is meant to inspire women of all walks of life whether they have PD or not, to live up to my favorite definition of the word…

That is to say ‘doing something supernatural with something natural.’

We all have unique talents and gifts many of which will blossom under adversity as the rarest flower – in this case battling with PD.

Once in a while an even rarer occurrence will take place – the expression of something innate within which was never seen before like suddenly becoming a great artist when you did not even know how to hold a paint brush ..

It is laughing hard and out loud despite PD!

It is having a GRAND love affair with life!

In order to beat PD we have to think BIG-

BIG Thoughts of mercy, kindness, love and forgiveness

BIG Dreams ‘to be the change you want to see in the world’ for a better tomorrow for your children and loved ones

BIG Smile which makes others want to smile as well

BIG Movements with arms outstretched ready to Give and help others!

We also have to be LOUD

LOUD to have our small voices be heard over the deafening and roaring sound of the world which is constantly trying to engulf us.

LOUD praising of GOD which sustains us through this perilous journey

LOUD singing to drown our sorrows and bring forth Joy

LOUD laughter which gives courage to others to do the same

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