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“World Class speaker” “A true Inspiration” “The Best speaker we ever had” “Vibrant & energetic” “A breath of fresh air” “Something truly extraordinary ”

Dr. Maria De León is a board certified retired Movement disorder specialist, National Keynote Speaker, author of best seller Parkinson’s Diva which also was a semi finalist in Best Book Award 🥇 of 2016. Dr. de León blogs have been rated as top in the field of Parkinson’s disease and have received recognition over the years by companies like Healthline,

Dr. De León shares her story worldwide with clinicians, scientists, patients and caregivers alike inspiring professionals and lay persons to change their view and understanding of the field of dealing with chronic illness in particular in terms of issues of women and minority in the Parkinson’s arena.

She works fervently with the Parkinson’s Foundation as a previous PPAC member and Pair programs, serves in the public advocacy arena as part of the MJFox foundation and with the Hispanic Parkinson’s community world wide partnering with the Muhammad Ali Parkinson’s Center and outreach program.

She also is a blogger for the American Academy of Neurology …magazine Brain & Life.

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