PD or Menopause: I wonder? : by Maria De Leon

Through Fermentation some old-er women turn bitter like vinegar.

Other old-er women through the same process turn into fine wine.” ~Carmen R. Rutlen

As I was intensely perspiring the other day opening the sample pack of Depend Silhouette Active Fit Underwear, I thought how could I stay sexy and expect my husband to think likewise while wearing disposable underwear even if they were black? They looked much better in the picture I thought. Not at all silky or smooth but rather paper-like not unlike the pull- ups I used for my daughter while potty training except these were a bit thinner.

It dawn on me, I was rapidly becoming a woman of a ‘certain age.’ I guess my daughter is right in calling me middle aged. Although, I hope I will live to be a hundred then by that logic I am not quite there yet; but any less than that I might as well be OLD! How did this happen, I wondered? Just a year or two ago, I still considered myself young and vibrant. Now, I was trying samples of disposable undergarments not because I needed them but rather always thinking ahead. I been one to follow the Boys’ Scout credo ‘always be prepared.’

Even though, the image of me wearing these fancier undergarments as opposed to incontinence pads was not a comforting one. I refuse to go down with the ship. Some people may say that I am already approaching age where sex should not been an issue but I guess my body nor brain have received that message. Despite the fact that in my younger days when I thought of my parents at my age having sex, the thought was a bit disturbing.

So as we women age we have the dreaded HOT-Flashes of menopause. I was already sweating profusely…I don’t think I can or want to do menopause, I thought to myself. But, then I pondered how will I know that I am going through menopause when all the major symptoms like fatigue, poor concentration, anxiety, depression, mood swings, decrease libido, increase urgency, increased perspiration, weight gain, headaches, poor sleep, osteoporosis, dizziness, and loss of smell I already have due to Parkinson’s disease.

Are we as women with PD doomed to grow old with a double whammy of what essentially amounts to increased non-motor symptoms- anosmic, short, chubby, incontinent and asexual to boot without ever having an orgasm again unless you happen to take Azilect!

Wonder if men experience menopause? while we fall apart they get new cars and hobbies! But they too suffer their own problems unfortunately.

However, I think like fine wine the process will only make us stronger, sweeter and more valuable. Key is eating well, sleeping and resting as the body demands, exercising and getting frequent check- ups by both your MDS and your Gynecologist. Keep track of your symptoms and note any changes and discuss with your physicians in a timely matter. In reference to the sample underwear; although, the depend undergarments do not look as pleasing as I would have hoped they are not altogether bad especially when on. They allow for easy movement and feel much better than wearing any pads you might think off. So if all treatments fail or in case of emergency this is a good choice.

But no matter what PD or menopause brings, I plan on remaining strong, sexy, and vibrant living life with passion to the fullest and so should you!

After all it is the inner beauty that lasts and it’s a magnet that draws others to us pads or no pads.

Related information can be found on chapter 10-Parkinson’s medication effect on female patient- ” Parkinson’s Diva: A woman’s guide to Parkinson’s disease.”


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