Massage Therapy for Mom’s with PD: By Maria De Leon

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“Mothers arms are made of tenderness, and sweet sleep blesses the child who lies therein.” Victor Hugo

The happiest moment in any woman’s life is the day she finds out she will be a mom followed by the time she actually becomes a mom by holding that precious bundle of joy that God granted us. We as women learn then what true love really means and nothing in the world can compare or come close to that feeling. Yet, despite all of its joys it is also full misgivings with all of its of ups and downs as we learn to navigate the road of motherhood.

We as moms are always the first to rise and last to go to bed. There are a million things to do in the day to make sure our children are loved, happy, and safe, and well -fed. Parkinson’s and all we are our children’s moral compass. Our quiet courage as we struggle with Parkinson’s single handily while providing care and comfort to those who depend on us; this can leave any woman completely exhausted.

But, imagine that despite her limited energy and strength because of her chronic illness she is still willing to give everything to her children. We give the first of our energy and devotion to them wholeheartedly which leaves us with little strength, energy or time for ourselves. Today, let’s do something nice for all PD mom’s (and all mom’s who work hard 24/7). Parkinson’s disease state depends so much on the ability to rest, recharge, re-energize, and reboot so we owe it to our mom’s, ourselves, our families, and our children to do just that on this special Mother’s day; in which we are celebrating mom’s throughout the US and in other parts of the world like Mexico. So let us give our mom’s with PD (or ourselves) a nice treat in the form of a massage. Aside from helping to ease rigidity, pain, and dystonia symptoms it helps decrease stress and improve immune system. There are many types of massage but I prefer deep tissue massage and I think it works best for patients with PD. This helps get rid of knots, pain  and eliminate excess water from tissue that tends to accumulate with PD medications.

A Swedish massage, is the most common type. This one accomplishes the same as the deep tissue massage without being as rough (as forceful) or as incorporate deep kneading into the tissue.

You can also do an Aromatherapy Massage which incorporates scented oils to relieve stress and sooth the senses. One of the most common oils used and one of my favorites is Lavender. Besides improving stress it also helps relax people therefore allowing them to fall asleep easier. Another essential oil I like is peppermint. Peppermint helps boost energy and improve mental focus.

Hot stone Massage is another form in which hot stones are placed in trigger points of body to relieve tension. I find this too painful and not beneficial to PD symptoms.

Reflexology is also known as foot massage. This type of massage involves applying pressure to certain areas and points of the foot that correspond to various body organs and systems. this form of massage therapy can be very relaxing and therapeutic for those with severe foot pain or those that stand on their feet a lot.

Personally, I find that a combination of these works the best for those of us who have PD. Either a Swedish or deep tissue (my favorite) with some aroma therapy along with some foot massage works the best. Every Parkinson’s diva should have one of these at least once a month to reenergize and refocus our mental energies to keep being the best mom’s we can be Parkinson’s and all!

Happy Mother’s Day Everyone!!!

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