Ode to Parkinson Women: by Maria De Leon

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They Who are Wild Wacky Women.
They are women of substance…
Women of their own making.
With a perfect blend of Candor and common sense,
They understand the value of Friendship, love and laughter.
They are smart, empowered and enlightened
With the wisdom of a legacy of women
Who came before them. Brimming with a positive outlook on life, And a spirit that soars free,
They find the joy in every journey
And rejoice in this great sisterhood called Women. © Suzy Toronto

girl with hatNever have I met a more fearless group of women than those battling PD! They are mothers, sisters, wives, doctors, artists, leaders. They give without hesitation even when they can’t walk straight due to dyskenesias. They are role models for every girl who thought they could not make a difference in the world. They show us that a lot of heart and perseverance can turn a tough situation into a self enlightening path for others to follow.

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