Gordilocks & the 3 Couches: by Maria De León

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‘Gordilocks’ as my brother likes to call me sometimes playfully (meaning Chunky locks) is the way I feel lately and my house is a veritable simile to the well known story of Goldie Locks and the 3 little bears.  Each time I enter my living room I feel like this beloved character testament trying to find the ‘just the right’ piece of furniture to fit my needs of the day which vary according to my pd symptoms. In my story, lately I feel not only like Goldie locks but seem to have acquired some of the characteristics of the bear not only in growling but also in time spent hibernating, the latter due to inability to tolerate the slightest chill or wind breeze.

What is gordilocks supposed to do when forced to spend so much time indoors in one place? Go from room to room trying to find the most comfortable place and position.

Subsequently, I have accumulated 3 different color and styles of sofas one living area which was never supposed to be the case. Well at least despite the eclectic look they work well together. It all started with one comfy sofa bought specifically for me because of my constant back pain at the onset of my PD. This couch allows me to recline comfortably at least that was the case several years ago; however it’s springs are starting to wear no longer as comfy for me as it used to be. As my symptoms have progressed, the fact that it seats rather low makes it that much harder to get up from and sit in it without rocking back and forth or plopping yourself on it.

For these reasons, about a 2 years ago I decided to go in search of a replacement and thought I had found the perfect sofa. It’s longer, taller and wider. Yay! It provides great support for my back when laying down; but when I sit it causes my legs to go numb because of my short legs causing the edge of couch to press on my peroneal nerves.  Fortunately, papa bear and baby bear both like the first couch so they did not let me get rid of so it continued to have it’s place in our family room. Then with all my bouts of recent illnesses, I have been forced to spend more time not only being house bound but bed bound as well. To break monotony, I go from bedroom to family room. One night after a very rough couple of weeks, I was so frustrated with my back pain, stiffness, inability to get of couch and over all uncomfortable chaises, recliners and chairs, I decided to order a new sofa on line, since I had not found one in any of the local stores and Houston was simply too far to travel to in my condition  Oh boy! not recommended- what was i thinking? i was not – i was desperate. I spent hours looking at websites with hundreds of styles. Finally, at last I found one I thought I could live with and designed to complement the one I was planning on keeping.  The much anticipated delivery  date arrived and the sofa proved to be  extremely comfy as well as beautiful. but there was one tiny little problem, it was not a couch it was a slightly bigger loveseat. Turns out that  in all my mental fog caused by the pain, I took the wrong measurements for the custom sofa.  now i had a third sofa that was too short for me to lay down in and because it mas specially made no returns were allowed.  It would be a perfect doctors couch if i only could recline in it as i would like.

Now, my family and i laugh at my collection and each have been assigned subconsciously a couch that is just right for each member of our house. Funny thing is that i still spend most of my time on the couch i have been trying to replace for several years. so, the little sofa is my daughter’s favorite seating  when we are together in family room; my husband has the big sturdy couch and i am left with the softest one, even if it does not fit just right!

Will someone give up their couch to make room for a new one? Well, perhaps when my daughter goes to college i might be able to scramble furniture around. Till then i will continue to test each and everyone of them each day to find the one that is just right for me.

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