“Appy Ew Year” By Maria De Leon

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Rainer Maria Rilke

January sucked, February sucked, and March did a pretty good job in not upsetting the status quo. Fortunately, April decided to stand up and prove there was a better way as the fog of Covid finally began to fade away. Slowly May and June followed suit. Just when things started to get interesting again with newfound energy, strength, projects, and goals -August said not so fast and by the end of September life was beginning to fade once again. Midst of fall in the middle of October the feeling of being engulfed by a dark cloud seemed to want to settle in once again. This time I fought harder than ever even though again I was home bound, bed ridden, hospitalized and even underwent surgery -yet, despite spending half a year in some sort of cocoon dormant, I plowed through November and December. Finally as 2022 concludes I am proudly donning a head gear with broken stars which now reads “APPY EW YEAR!” because even though I bought the head brand new at the beginning of the year thinking ahead somehow it did not like it’s location I placed for safe keeping and revolted as well- with an “H” half dangling and the “N” completely detached and a broken star alongside of iconic hat it is a perfect summation to a crazy roller coaster of a year – Yet despite all of its challenges my determination and hope remain intake and I am looking forward to the unfolding of 2023 with all is letters and stars intact ready to start a new chapter and begin a new adventure.

Happy New Year -See You in Barcelona !!! ¡Feliz Año Nuevo -Nos Vemos en Barcelona !


All Rights reserved by Maria L. De Leon (Parkinson’s Diva)

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