Soaring with Hope (Kyūjōshō suru with Kubo) By Maria De Leon

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“It is better to travel full of hope than crying…” Japanese Proverb

All over the world many Christians and Jews celebrated Easter and Passover. For both the main message is not only gratitude but HOPE for a better tomorrow. Based on Biblical principle there is a clear chain reaction which occurs when there is suffering whether mental, physical or spiritual. This type of suffering can be brought on by a multitude of things including a medical illness such as Parkinson’s disease. With time most of us we learn to persevere in the midst of adversity. I often think of those of us who live with a chronic illness as being called to greatness for the beautification of others rather than ourselves.

Have you ever seen a blooming flower arising through the asphalt, or on volcanic rock or even in the midst of a desolate, thorny, weed -infested soil? I am sure you, like me, were amazed to witness just phenomena and wondered how on earth was is it thriving in its present circumstances? When all logic dictates otherwise. Yet, these flowering plants don’t know of logic. All they know is that they need to survive somehow, just like those of us with PD and other chronic illnesses. No amount of adversity was going to hold these plants back; so they endured and persevered until one day they found what worked best for them which gave them their unique characteristics. We are the same as these flowers, if were are to thrive we must persevere day after day. We must not give up rather endure until we find that one thing which makes us unique to be able to rise from the hot lava we find ourselves in and become what we were meant to be. That my friends is character building (character is who we are deep inside even when no one is watching us)  Despite the medical logic which dictates that we should wither away or simply exist we (Parkinson’s community) more often than not seem to spout out new wings, new passions, new dreams and become even more resilient than ever before. My family often reminds me of this. but this is true not only in me but in so many of you.

All you have to do is look around what was accomplished throughout the world during month of April to raise PD awareness and you too would be astonished at the impact these beautiful fragile flowers (PD Individuals) have had on all of us by simply being whom they are full of inner fortitude drawing others to admired their stamina and great feats thus producing the last step in the chain HOPE and Hope my dear friends never disappoints as long as it remains in our hearts!

This is why I am so very happy that Hope was chosen as the theme for the 2019 WPC in Kyoto this year.

As long as there is hope we have the POWER to pick ourselves up, STAND TALL and continue on.

@copyright 2019

All rights reserved By Maria De Leon MD

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