Gathering of the PD Goddesses: By Maria De Leon

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Calling all the Parkinson’s goddesses and divas out there..

I am glad to say that we are finally making waves in this world of PD. As more institutions are beginning to address the issues relevant to us women living with Parkinson’s disease. So many of us have felt marginalized by this illness which can sometimes rob us of our independence as well as our dignity. We have lived in the shadows for too long feeling ordinary. But, I am here to say that as I live and breath and battle with this neurological disease as so many of you do I have found the strength, thanks to my “Parkinson’s Diva” fellows and supporters, to transform myself. My physical appearance nor has my diseased changed but one day I just woke up and voila!…I had become a full fledged Parkinson’s Diva.

After spending many years worrying about my curves, my hair, my thighs, and so many other physical imperfections as well as fretting over my career… I have found that having PD has had a liberating effect on me. Looking at the mirror, I am fully at peace with everything about myself even those pesky grey hairs and even though I walk slower, not as graceful and my smile is sometimes a bit crooked I feel blessed and irrationally radiant!

Yes!, this may be the dopamine making me a bit manic since  most people would agree that I am only “a legend in my own mind.” However, the friendships I have forged along this journey are real. Perhaps, it is true that “birds of a feather DO flock together!” if that’s the case I am glad that there are a lot of other divas out there – legends in their own mind as well. But, the truth is that I have been gathering divas for a long time-  we have cried together, laughed together, been broken up and put back together, giving, sharing, caring and loving one another has made us all sisters of the same plight and because each and everyone of you are strong and courageous and infinitely capable of making a 101 dishes with the lemons life has thrown your way – you my friends are goddesses in deed!

So no matter where you go, just listen for the buzzing of camaraderie among women with PD  who have shared tears of joy mixed with sorrow fighting for another opportunity to reinvent themselves; there you will see greatness!

In the end we must remember the word’s of one of my favorite poet’s  and a grand- goddess herself, Maya Angelou who quipped: “I can be changed by what happens to me. But I refuse to be reduced by it!”



P.s. I am extra happy since I found out that my book which bears this blogs name ” Parkinson’s diva: a woman’s  guide to Parkinson’s Disease.” will be available at WPC2016



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